Name      Interests     
Doctoral 3rd
Ayumi Fujitacognitive linguistics, Spanish linguistics, mood-modality, neuro-psychology 
Yudai Inouecognitive linguistics, cognitive grammar, pragmatics, information structure 
Masaya Satoexperimental pragmatics 
Yusuke Tanakamental simulation, empathy, cognitive grammar 
Yoshiaki Satocognitive grammar, polysemy, conjunction 
Masaharu Sekinecognitive linguistics, japanese linguistics, dialectology 
Doctoral 2nd
Taishi Chikacognitive linguistics 
Yu Fancognitive linguistics 
Doctoral 1nd
Takumi Kitaharaconstruction grammar, relative clause 
Master 2nd
Yoshiki Sumidecognitive linguistics 
Master 1st
Tokubuchicognitive linguistics 
Tomiokacognitive linguistics 
Yamazakicognitive linguistics 

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