Name      Interests     
Doctoral 3rd
Ippei Kurodacognitive linguistics, lexicography, word formation, youth slang 
Wataru Konocognitive linguistics 
Yusuke Sugayacognitive linguistics, linguistic typology, parts of speech, discourse analysisresearch fellow of JSPS
Tomoaki Hayashicognitive linguistics, English linguistics, foreign language teaching 
Takuya Yamadacognitive linguistics 
Doctoral 2nd
Haruka Ogawacognitive linguistics, Construction Grammar, English linguistics, foreign language education 
Motoki SaitoComprehension process of language. Cognitive strategies to understand made-up nonsense words. Relationship between acceptability and corpus frequency measures.Research fellow of JSPS
Ayumi Tamarucognitive linguistics 
Ayumi Fujitacognitive linguistics 
Master 2st
Takuya Inouecognitive linguistics 
Taichi Iwamurocognitive linguistics 
Taro Okahisacognitive linguistics, pragmatics, communication study, multimodal analysis 
Ayaka Nishimuracognitive linguistics 
Mami Yoshikawacognitive linguistics 
Master 1st
Mizuki Onocognitive linguistics 
Ryo Katocognitive linguistics 
Yasuhiro Sugawacognitive linguistics 
Hiroyuki Nagaicognitive linguistics, evidentiality, mirativity 
Satoko Miyazakicognitive linguistics 

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