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Line 19: Line 19:
|>|[[Hirofumi Sakai>Hirofumi Sakai]]|cognitive linguistics| | |>|[[Hirofumi Sakai>Hirofumi Sakai]]|cognitive linguistics| |
|>|[[Yoshiaki Sato>Yoshiaki Sato]]|cognitive linguistics| | |>|[[Yoshiaki Sato>Yoshiaki Sato]]|cognitive linguistics| |
-|>|[[Masaharu Sekine>Masaharu Sekine]]|cognitive linguistics| |+|>|[[Masaharu Sekine>Masaharu Sekine]]|cognitive linguistics, japanese linguistics, dialectology| |
|>|>|>|''Master 1st''| |>|>|>|''Master 1st''|
|>|[[Taishi Chika>Taishi Chika]]|cognitive linguistics| | |>|[[Taishi Chika>Taishi Chika]]|cognitive linguistics| |

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