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 +TITLE:Member (English Version)
 +Japanese Version: http://www.hi.h.kyoto-u.ac.jp/modules/member/
|RIGHT:''Name''|LEFT:''  ''   |''  Interests  ''|''    ''|h |RIGHT:''Name''|LEFT:''  ''   |''  Interests  ''|''    ''|h
|>|>|>|''Doctoral 3rd''| |>|>|>|''Doctoral 3rd''|
-|>|[[Katsunori Kanzawa>KanzawaKatsunori]]|cognitive linguistics, cognitive grammar, adnominal clause (transferred epithet, external relation), modality, speech act theory| | +|>|[[Yudai Inoue>Yudai Inoue]]|cognitive linguistics, cognitive grammar, pragmatics, information structure| | 
-|>|[[Yukinori Kimoto>KimotoYukinori]]|cognitive grammar, English linguistics (anaphora, countability, definiteness), Arta (Austronesian), linguistic typology|research fellow of JSPS (DC)+|>|[[Masaya Sato>Masaya Sato]]|experimental pragmatics| | 
-|>|[[Sin'ya Taguchi>TaguchiShinya]]|cognitive linguistics, Spanish linguistics, Japanese linguistics, tense/temporal expressions|research fellow of JSPS (DC)+|>|[[Yusuke Tanaka>Yusuke Tanaka]]|mental simulation, empathy, cognitive grammar | | 
-|>|[[Chou Youka>ChouYouKa]]|cognitive linguistics| |+|>|[[Yoshiaki Sato>Yoshiaki Sato]]|cognitive grammar, polysemy, conjunction | 
 +|>|[[Taishi Chika>Taishi Chika]]|cognitive linguistics| 
 +|>|[[Yu Fan>Fan Yu]]|cognitive linguistics| | 
 +|>|[[Takumi Kitahara>Takumi Kitahara]]|construction grammar, relative clause| |
|>|>|>|''Doctoral 2nd''| |>|>|>|''Doctoral 2nd''|
-|>|[[An Jeaming>AnJaeMing]]|cognitive linguistics| | +|>|[[Yoshiki Sumide>Yoshiki Sumide]]|cognitive linguistics| |
-|>|[[Kaoru Ito>ItouKaoru]]|cognitive linguistics, rhetoric| | +
-|>|[[Tetsuta Komatsubara>KomatsubaraTetsuta]]|cognitive gramar, cognitive semantics, pragmatics, rhetoric, communication study|research fellow of JSPS (DC)| +
-|>|[[Hayato Saito>SaitoHayato]]|cognitive linguistics, discourse analysis, text linguistics, foreign language teaching| |+
|>|>|>|''Doctoral 1st''| |>|>|>|''Doctoral 1st''|
-|>|[[Ippei Kuroda>KurodaIppei]]|cognitive linguistics, lexicography, word formation, youth slang| | +|>|[[Tokubuchi>Tokubuchi]]|cognitive linguistics| | 
-|>|[[Wataru Kono>KounoWataru]]|cognitive linguistics| | +|>|[[Tomioka>Tomioka]]|cognitive linguistics| | 
-|>|[[Yusuke Sugaya>SugayaYusuke]]|cognitive linguistics, linguistic typology, parts of speech, discourse analysis|research fellow of JSPS| +|>|[[Y. Yamazaki>Y. Yamazaki]]|cognitive linguistics| |
-|>|[[Tomoaki Hayashi>HayashiTomoaki]]|cognitive linguistics, English linguistics, foreign language teaching| | +
-|>|[[Takuya Yamada>YamadaTakuya]]|cognitive linguistics| |+
|>|>|>|''Master 2nd''| |>|>|>|''Master 2nd''|
-|>|[[Pang HongJun>PangHongJun]]|cognitive linguistics, English linguistics (tense, aspect)| |+|>|[[Miori Fujihara>Miori Fujihara]]|cognitive linguistics| | 
 +|>|[[Yuki Shinji>Yuki Shinji]]|cognitive linguistics| | 
 +|>|[[Takumi Yamashita>Takumi Yamashita]]|cognitive linguistics| |
|>|>|>|''Master 1st''| |>|>|>|''Master 1st''|
-|>|[[Haruka Ogawa>Haruka Ogawa]]|cognitive linguistics| | +|>|[[Kento Kashimoto>Kento Kashimoto]]|認知言語学| | 
-|>|[[Motoki Saito>Motoki Saito]]|cognitive linguistics| | +|>|[[Haruya Shiraishi>Haruya Shiraishi]]|認知言語学| | 
-|>|[[Hideaki Sasaki>Hidetsugu Sasaki]]|cognitive linguistics| | +|>|[[Taichi Seki>Taichi Seki]]|認知言語学| | 
-|>|[[Ayumi Tamaru>Ayumi Tamaru]]|cognitive linguistics| | +|>|[[Ayaka Setoguchi>Ayaka Setoguchi]]|認知言語学| | 
-|>|[[Ayumi Fujita>Ayumi Fujita]]|cognitive linguistics| |+ 
 +//アルファベット順? 五十音順?

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